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The 4th will be crowded, for sure. Motorboats on all the big lakes. The river between LL and Raquette Falls will be free of any big motorboats, likely only smaller fishing boats between the falls to stoney Creek. While padding a C6 voyageur one time, we got swamped and sunk on USL by a huge motorboat wake, Luckily we were close to a camp dock and swam easily to it to bail ourselves out. You take your chances with leanto availability, with no guarantees anywhere. Primitive camping on state land, obeying the 150 foot rule and LNT, is always an option as a last resort, but it can be difficult to find any spot large enough for a tent.

The Deerland landing leanto at the end of the carry from FL is the beginning of flat water on Long Lake, at the foot of the last segment of rapids. it is a very rock strewn trip to get your boat safely into the water, but there is really no other choice.
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