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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Try paddling the Cannonball-90 with several of us who have made it an annual (but very unofficial) event. Begin in Old Forge at the stroke of midnight, arrive at lake Flower Saranac Lake village at between 7-8 PM on the same day. A great time, including all the carries.
I've done my share of racing and there was a time when I considered doing that one...but, somewhere along the way I realized that I paddle, cycle and ski for pleasure. Turning my hobbies into competitions changed the experience enough that I decided to stop racing canoes and also bikes... that's not to say that I/we don't push... I would race XC skis again if the opportunity presented though...there's nothing better than a fast track and the right wax on the right skis.
My last MTB race was a 50K in the last canoe race was over 25 years ago in the Susquehanna.
I respect what you folks do but I'm not prepared to head down that road. I've experienced getting smoked by the Corbins and ain't lookin back.
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