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Originally Posted by mgc View Post
I've done my share of racing and there was a time when I considered doing that one...but, somewhere along the way I realized that I paddle, cycle and ski for pleasure.
Oh, those who paddle the Cannonball definitely do it for pleasure, not to race. Boats will each determine their own start time. I prefer to start at midnight with the reflection of as many stars visible on the water surface as there are in the sky is one of the most pleasurable paddlng cruises I have ever had. Arriving just in time for the early morning pre-dawn mist of negotiating Brown's Tract is not to be forgotten. We do not paddle nor do the carries at anything like race speed. Typically each boat travels independently, alone and we do not race against anyone else, other than the sun. No one is timing us and no one is vying for position to be first, second, or third. As such it is definitely not a race. Of course it is a good overall muscle toner for keeping in shape, racers or not.
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