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No the Eastern Wolf is genetically different. That's not a hypothesis but fact.

Nothing political about it. Has nothing to do with US politics. So far any protection issues of Eastern Wolves are Province of Ontario issues. Although it is almost a certainty the Eastern Wolf of Algonquin was the same wolf of the Adirondacks.

An Eastern Wolf is not a genetically isolated Gray Wolf. It is seperate by tens of thousands of years.

There a 3 seperate intact populations of Eastern Wolves. There is one common denomitor...all three reside in zones that do not allow hunting of wolves. Furthermore 100,000 people each year attend Algonquin Wolf howls. The money generated from Algonquin wolf tourism far exceeds the nickel and dimes spent by hunters.

In closing think about 50 years in the future. Melting of the Arctic Ocean has pushed Polar Bears onto land where they encounter Grizzly Bears moving north because of global warming. The Polar Bears face gene swamping by Grizzlies. Within 20 years no pure Polar Bears exist...only hybrids.
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