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Originally Posted by Connecticut Yankee View Post
Gman said, "The money generated from Algonquin wolf tourism far exceeds the nickel and dimes spent by hunters."

Just to make things clear , hunters spend more than nickels and dimes. If you can show me that your people spend more than this I'll stand corrected, the following figures are from the Canadian Tourism Commission for the Province of Ontario,

According to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, hunting has become an important industry, part of Canada’s resource-based economy. In 2000, the net economic benefits associated with recreational hunting in Ontario represented over $1.5 billion in economic activity. It employed approximately 20,000 people, with many jobs away from the city. Federal, provincial, and municipal governments collected an additional $140 million directly as a result of hunters’ expenditures.
• Canadian hunters spent about $1.2 billion a year on hunting trips, and paid $70 million for hunting licenses. • Hunting and fishing license sales represented approximately 70% of the total operating budget of the Ontario Ministry of natural Resources.
Sport Fishing and Game Hunting in Canada - An Assessment on the Potential International Tourism Opportunity
• Ontario’s hunting industry generated more wealth than Ontario’s television and film production industry ($1.4 billion in 2000).

Now that being aired out , I don't should artificially introduce wolves in the Adirondacks, If they were to show up naturally they should of course be protected.

I pack of wolves in the High Peaks might solve some of the overcrowding issues there.

John M
I realize I was not being clear. I was speaking specifically the amount of money generated by wolf hunting, more so the region south of Lake Nippissing / French River and more specifically the area on the south side of Algonquin where there is some wolf tourism and it is this area where the wolves are most vulnerable and it where these Eastern Wolves are found.

The wolf hunting that occurs doesn't generate much income as it mostly local guys out on a Saturday morning.

I don't have issues with wolf hunting in Northern Ontario. The population of Grey Wolves is among the largest in the world and its the outfitters who generate the real money from hunting and it is a big part of the local economy of northern communities.

I used to think wolves could re colonize the Adirondacks on their own but don't believe that now. No doubt you would get some wanderers but you need whole intact packs.
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