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"...To make the weekend getaway even more fun, campers will have an opportunity to learn from experts how to fish, hike, bird watch, paddle and more..."
From a NYS licensed outdoor guide?

Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Helping people do something they've never done before is the "nanny state".

News to me...
Not at all
Now go eat your vegetables, stop smoking, don't drink that sugary drink, go run for 30 minutes, try your meal without salt...

It would be fine if this "program" / "promotion" / "activity" would be organized and run by a private organization (like say ADK) but gov't agency like DEC or NYS OPRHP? - vital public function it is not.

Now, it could be that DEC is only promoting it for a 'partner' entity but that's not mentioned anywhere...

PS: it also doesn't mention what if any fee is charged... and where the funds for it come from.
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