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Originally Posted by wildriver View Post
This is located right at the outlet of the lake. There are two parts to the dam, separated by an island. If you paddle north to the outlet and land on the east (right) shore at the northernmost campsite, a trail takes you right to it.

Round Lake was indeed part of the original Whitney Park. My guess is that this dam was built during their first scheduled harvest, circa 1898-1909, or esle during the second timber harvest, which began in 1934. The Whitneys operated a jackworks near Tupper Lake village, where logs floated down Round Lake Stream and across Big Tupper were sold to the various mills. Just below the Round Lake dam, you can see where they built a stone berm in the riverbed to straighten out the flow--and to minimize logjams.

The original Whitney Park included Round Lake, Buck Mountain, and Grampus & Mohegan lakes. They sold Grampus and Mohegan (all of Whitney Park east of NY 30) to Litchfield Park in the 1960s--and Litchfield later sold it to International Paper. Whitney sold Buck Mountain and Round Lake directly to I.P. in the 1970s.

I read up on the history of Whitney Park when I re-wrote the guidebook for this region.

Thanks for the info...the original census didn't go that deep, but it did note Whitney Park retained the rights to the dam after selling the lake to regulate LTL water levels.

I assumed that the dam was more for this purpose as a result.

Excellent info though, I'm always interested in the history of the lands.

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