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Summit Steward program did great things to educate hikers about summit ecology. Upshot: protect the resource from the hikers.

Trailhead Steward program is poised to do great things to educate hikers about correct behavior on trails. Upshot: protect the hikers from the resource!

Definitely agree they can positively influence what a hiker experiences, potentially even prevent a hiker from becoming a statistic (injury, distress, lost). Take the shorter destination, wear appropriate footwear, bring a headlamp, etc all help to improve a visiting hiker's "backcountry experience" and potentially avoid a 911 call (with an expensive taxpayer-funded response). An ounce of prevention is worth etc.

I spend a lot of my free time hiking in the High Peaks. I would have no problem forking over $25 annually for the peace of mind it affords. However, it would be nice if that $25 actually gets to where it needs to go!

As for the backpacker with the wonky hip, I believe the key factor was it had a history of failure. To a reasonable person it would come as no surprise that a backpacking trip up over Lafayette would subject that unreliable hip to forces more extreme than just getting around town. So when it dislocated when he tried to hop up, azz-first, onto a table-height ledge, its failure was no surprise to a reasonable person. He argued his doctor had cleared him for the hike, which admittedly sounds very compelling, but not to the judge. I forget how many thousands of dollars the rescue cost him but it was quite expensive because he had to be carried down in a litter by a small army of rangers.
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