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Originally Posted by Bounder45 View Post
How is spending more $ or increasing the Ranger force going to decrease the # of rescues? If anything, it will increase those #'s since people will feel like there is a bigger safety net to come and pick them up if they get into trouble.

If rescue #'s continue to rise, we're going to see more and more of the state budget spent on those efforts rather than on true conservation efforts.
Did you ever read anything about Pete Fish and how he used to interact with hikers to educate?

That's a good way to teach people how to be safe on the trail and intervene before a rescue is necessary.

If the Trailhead Stewards can do it, imagine what an experienced ranger could do.

Good luck being a ranger and trying to educate today!

A guy like Pete Fish couldn't do what he did back then today as he would be too busy rescuing people.

Just on a shear volume level of hikers, it makes no sense that they have the same numbers of rangers that they did 10 or 20 years ago.
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