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Here is some of my thoughts on this subject.
I am amazed that we are able to hike and camp for free in this state as it is. No permits or filing a plan with the DEC or some State Agency.
A fee or Permit Charge, Rescue or what ever it would be called might keep those that would normally venture out to stop and think a little.
But for all those that dont sign a register there will be those that use the trails or park as they please.
I feel that paying for a rescue might deter those that sit down with a slight injury to keep walking and drive home or to their Health Care Provider rather than having a Ranger escort them to their car and then refuse further medical attention.
Even with a Satellite device like a SPOT, inReach one could start an SOS for any given reason. Not Life, Limb or Eye site as it were.
All the signs posted at trail heads and register boxes already have very minimal impact on any people bringing things into or leaving thing at any given place.
Ive seen people walking their dog in pajamas two or three miles into a hike. And they looked at me as if I was from outer space. I usually don't try to directly tell anyone they should think about where they are going or what they carry but, I mention sunset and sun rise times or weather to see if they have a reaction. Some times they see my small pack and think I am the one that's crazy. Those with no common sense will almost never change their ways unless they see something to change the way they think. If one goes out unprepared and calls the Ranger because they don't have a headlamp and cant make it down or out of the woods, they should pay say $1000 to compensate for the time and or resources used.
In the case of the Alex Stevens incident, who pays for this type of incident? Family? It is tough to do but for all the resources used I feel that it has to be paid for. And yes by the family of the ones who died because of the lack of a detailed plan given to any one.
I am happy to see all the ideas here about this subject. And I know all of our input can come up with a solution to make the back country safer for all that choose to use it.
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