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Lightbulb I also have read some of the books

I have 11 of the origional books and have enjoyed reading them several times. They remind me of my youth in northern NH. I got mine from my grandmother. Her sister's husband was a friend of Henry Abbott and they got one every year for Christmas. All are signed and dated. My Uncle's name was Horace Clark and he lived in Springfield Ma. I don't know any of the history of how they became friends. Each book is 3"X 5" with covers that resemble birch bark. They are bound by thread. Most have pictures that have been cropped and glued to a page that has a printed caption.
several have topographical maps of the area being visited. Tirrell Pond, 1928 and Anthony Ponds, 1924 are two with nice maps. Would be interesting to compare them to todays maps. The largest one is only 70 pages so the so called condensed book probly is not condensed at all. Just guessing.
we recently moved and my wife wanted to get rid of them but I rescued them. Was curious if anyone else had any and if they had any value. Now I see they do and they do Thats all I know.
Does anyone know if the 500 is for each book or the total of all the books? is offline   Reply With Quote