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Originally Posted by RipVanWinkle View Post
I'm looking for any tips on fishing brook trout during black fly season.
I'm fairly novice to ADK streams.
What patterns tend to produce during this time?
I know the fish get very active during this time period I'm just not sure how to best approach them.

Not looking for secrets just general helpful information.

I wouldn't get too technical about it. This is probably the easiest time to get fish to long as you are fishing the right water making good reads.
You say streams, you don't say how big or can make a difference in how you fish.

From my experience it's pretty easy to be successful if you pay attention to the hatches and use the right size hooks. Dry or wet both work but wet is more of a sure thing in the smaller streams...easier to fish.

Keep your flies out of the alders if you can...
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