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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Thanks Richie!

Last night I was trying to "save" my progress as I went along while making my latest video, and after the GoPro Studio crashed on me for the 3 time I was unable to retrieve what I had already saved, forcing me to start over from scratch!
Sorry about that, I have had it happen too. Did you notice how it took you way less time to re-do it? LOL all the fussing about trying this and that is cut out. In fact, sometimes it turns out better. But who wants to do the same thing all over again.

If you get to a point in a big production, I have saved, and resaved as a second name- two copies now exist. What you may have had was a crash during a save, the entire file is corrupted.

You may see better performance if you can set the amount of ram a program uses... and once again, shut down any other programs. If you are on a mac...

Go to: Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor

At the bottom are a series of buttons: CPU | SYSTEM MEMORY |Etc

Clicking on those you can see what your CPU is doing. It will show all applications that are using the CPU. The problem is, if a mac runs out of ram, it will use virtual memory, which is using your hard drive as pseudo ram- which is slower but usually works pretty good- depends on how much free disk space you have.. If you have an older computer, and your hard disk has less the 10% free, this all may become an issue. YOu need extra space to do video!

You may want to break up a video into pieces. then combine later into one. SO here are your first steps, Optimize CPU available by closing unneeded applications, See if you have plenty of hard drive room available!

Here is defragmenting info:

Hard drive size etc: YOU DON:T NEED ALL THIS- but there are hints to what is important in hardware for editing video. I might suggest a fast firewire external you keep cleaned off to use just for this work:
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