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Last week I found about a dozen on me after turkey hunting in St. Lawrence County.
I thought that I had found all of them but that evening I found three more wandering around looking for a home.
The next morning I had three of them crawl under my sleeves while I was sitting. After a while you get paranoid...every small itch becomes a tick.

I don't believe that there is a repellent that is 100% effective. If you are in the underbrush or if you are moseying around in tall grasses expect to pick a few of them up. Tuck in your clothes and make sure that you have a change of clothes...and check carefully when you change into them..

I don't use repellents because the smells interfere with hunting...regardless I'm not convinced they work. I have picked ticks from my dog mere inches away from the worlds most expensive tick and flea collar...
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