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Originally Posted by JohnnyVirgil View Post
What repellant do you use?
"Sawyer Premium insect repellent clothing"
'Permethrin(.5%) for clothing and gear/ odorless effective through 6 washings'

I believe I got it at Walmart..not sure.
NOT intended for skin contact.
I spray the legs of my pants and hiking/hunting boots, never found a tick.
I've walked the same areas without using it and have been loaded with ticks.
Nothing is fail proof, but I won't chance it without it in certain areas.
I've had ticks imbedded before and been sick years ago, not worth it.
It also depends on where I'm at, in Greenfield I always find ticks. Hadley/Corinth and north I rarely find them. But this year I may not chance it in those areas either.
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