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ssabrian: I think some of the others missed the part of your post where you said view "from the ground". I have only done about 8 of the fire towers but can comment on the following ones:

Snowy: NO VIEW from the ground. You can't even see the tower until you are nearly on top of it. There are a few decent views just short of the summit though from overlooks.

Pillsbury: Not good. The trees have been cut in a swath in one direction, generally south if my mental compass is correct. But no view in the other directions.

Arab: Fair view from some overlooks that look south.

Like you, I am not fond of heights either but will venture about half way up the tower if there is screening around the stairs and occasionally I will go all the way to the cab provided you can get in it. If you are comfortable with climbing up a little, not necessarily all the way to the top, you can usually increase the view from the ground by leaps and bounds.
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