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Originally Posted by bobrok View Post
Hi Chickadee,

There is also a redundant propane interior lighting system as well so we can use either depending upon available solar. I really like this feature because that creates a real nice mood light. We have a propane apartment size stove/oven and there is an old propane refrigerator but I am not using it because of concern over carbon monoxide poisoning associated with this type of appliance and many of the older units are under manufacturers' recall. I will have a battery powered co2 detector on at all times for safety's sake.
A forum search didn't turn up much on the subject of off-grid cabins, so if warranted perhaps a new thread can be started? I would be interested in anyone's tips and experiences.

Next trip up in 2 weeks if possible.

bobrook ,
We gave up on tinkering with the older propane 'fridges . Got a new one in the early '90 s. Very efficient and reliable. They don't give them away ( $1K+) but if you can put it on an outside wall they will breath in and out from outside.
Most any gas stove can be converted to propane as well.

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