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Never really noticed this before...

Hello all, I'm Mike, aka stripperguy.
I've enjoyed the last year or so on this site and I guess I should formally introduce myself.
I build things.
All kinds of things. Houses, cars, Jeeps, bicycles, boats, paddles, a marriage, a family, a career, a business, I just need to build.
I served my apprenticeship, became a toolmaker, got some of my education, built a house, got married and then I turned 21. And I built my first stripper. OK, it wasn't my boat, but I built it with a buddy and then he helped me build mine the next year. And I just kept building. I have built and/or assisted on nearly 2 dozen so far, including a strip built 19 ft sailboat. I once built a stripper version of 16 ft Grant pattern guideboat with plans from the Adirondack Museum. I shouldn't say this out loud, but I hated it. I just don't like looking over my shoulder all the time, either on the water or in everyday life. Anyway, the dream was always to start a boatbuilding business and retire into it. That's not really an option for me now, but who knows! Maybe when the pressures of the high tech R & D world lessen a bit....
As far as leisure activities, I ski, both alpine and nordic, snowshoe, bicycle about 2,000 miles a season, hike, paddle, sail, wilderness camp, and take photos, digital now, all transparencies till a few years ago. Lots of photos.

Let me mention, if I may, how much I enjoy this forum. There is a wealth of combined knowledge and wisdom here, clearly. And great first hand accounts of trips and current conditions. But that's not what makes this forum unique, IMHO.
The difference here is the displays of respect and admiration, both for the Adirondacks and the other forum members. I don't want to get too touchy feely here, but, yeah, it's kind of nice.

And I do consider myself blessed, not just because of my fairy tale life, but beacause I live so near to The Park.
When I read some of the other posts from folks that live a day or more away, and can only visit maybe once a year, I remember how fortunate I am to live an hour or two from such a treasure. I've traveled alot, through the US and the world, and I can say.....There is no better combination of mountains, water and history than right here in the Adirondacks.
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