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I think my third was recreated in the park.... but this another activity for another poll... LOL

I have bar hopped across sections, though mostly in the distant past... every bar back from Old Forge... ( there used to be more then now) I stumbled in to the Stumble Inn...Ahh but thise were the days.

Snowmobiling would be another recreational use, as well as general boating, snowshoe, CC, . Downhill skiing.. But I get why these types of activities were chosen- no criticism intended.

We combine trips. So in one trip I might check off quite a few of these! Ie: we party barge into a site on Stillwater dragging canoes, then from that base camp, we hit Salmon, Drop canoes up there, ... fish the creek back, hike into town! LOL and hit the Maple ridge of The Norridgewock Lodge. Next day, we hike back to Salmon, pick up stashed canoes and carry to Witchopple, perhaps some of the side ponds (bushwacking) . Or on a canoe trip to Lows, establish a base camp. Then day hike carry to Fishpole, Tamarack, Big Deer, etc. . Bushwack to Halfmoon and to the top of Grass Pond Mountain. Fishing the lake in the evening, etc.

So not just one thing on a trip practically ever.
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