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Determine what you want to tie (how you fish) and work backwards. I started tying because I spent way too much money sacrificing cheap-to-tie flies to the bottom of the Salmon River. I bought a Griffin rotary vice, which is pretty cheap for a rotary, but it has done everything I have asked of it. Materials are cheap and easy enough based on what you want to tie. You'll spend some money on hooks though. Thread is basic, get black, brown, and maybe a bright color. Get a decent set of scissors and a nice bobbin (some cheapies can be rough on the edges, which results in frayed thread).

The flies I tie the most of are: estaz eggs, leeches, buggers, hare's ears, elk-hair caddis, and pheasant tails. Simple and effective. Someday when my hobbies have been whittled down to just a few, then, maybe, I'll get into more complex patterns.
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