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Grey: The important thing is to get started. I started out with a Thompson A vise (inexpensive) and when you're starting out, I doubt the difference between an expensive vise and a cheap one will be that noticeable. If you buy a cheap one you can see if you enjoy it and then upgrade later. I used the Thompson for years. I've been tying for decades and am still a mediocre tier at best but I've amassed what probably amounts to a couple thousand dollars of materials and equipment. It just happened bit by bit. I've added significantly to my materials by obtaining my own: squirrels, deer hide, ducks, grouse, etc. So if you are a hunter or have friends that are, you can obtain lots of material for nothing that would otherwise cost a lot. I've even obtained road kill for use--most recently a racoon. It does take a little work to skin the hide and I just salt the smaller ones and let them dry.
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