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Originally Posted by duell79 View Post
We have a hunting club in the Long Lake NY area and are in need of some members. It has been discouraging looking for members the last few years. It seems as though either people have a bad taste for hunting clubs because so many clubs have been forced out by recent state land purchases or the economy has affected hunters ablities to afford hunting clubs. l]
This is my hunting camp..... and I wouldn't have it any other way. Can you imagine walking into my elk tent and finding all those amenities shown in your camp. Then you'd go home and tell everyone about the awsome wilderness experience you encountered in the Big Woods..... So much for that...!

If you need those luxuries up in the big woods, then I think your missing the big picture... When you deal with "clubs"...your forced to deal with strangers and personalities. Now throw $500 a year into the mix and..., well, Need I say anymore.....???????

Your dilemma is unfortunate...but it's certainly not due to land exchanges.

I've tried for years now to re-establish a hunting "gang" for the backcountry, and my efforts were all fruitless. Again, personalities. Lots of inquiries with numerous different "opinions"..... Forget about it...

Cook some great meals on the wood stove or out over an open fire, pass the bottle of Jack Daniels around, belch and fart, tell lies, then go to bed... 4:00 A.M. comes early...and you don't have to worry about getting mud on the floor...

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