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Just to throw in my 2 cents....

I am a "younger" hunter and i've been seeing much talk of people saying there arent as many younger guys getting into it. I wish I could agree as it would be much easier finding spots to hunt!! Myself, I can't seem to find any private property owners granting permission to a younger guy it seems they have no trust anymore. I have been hunting hard on a very overhunted piece of state land here in my hometown of Baldwinsville for the past 3 seasons because I simply cannot find anywhere else to go. I dream of the day I get that trophy buck but it seems with limited options, I find myself shooting 2 1/2 year old bucks year after year because so many others will shoot at anything.

Duell79 - I wish I had a spare $500 dollars to join your hunting club it sounds fantastic however all my funds are tied up in local college tuition and gas for commuting. It's too bad you folks cant seem to find younger guys but its just hard for us to come up with money in this economy after spending so much on liscenses and gear.

Anyways, hope all goes well at camp this year and maybe I could get in touch with you by next season?

nicholas hipolito
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