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Crane pond PLWA, goose pond, or lost pond?

Hey everyone first post here lol, been planning a 4day trip to the PLWA for some fishing and will be my first time in this area. I was just curious if anyone could lend a hand on informing me what the trail conditions are like?? I'll be bringing my old town stillwater canoe and my gear on my heavy duty cart and just wondering how rough and rocky these trails really are. I've read many mixed things about them but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'll be using a 6wt and 4wt for trout hopefully all goes well. Was also looking at thirteenth lake for landlocks but not too sure on that yet it'll be another post lol. Thanks guys any info is greatly appreciated!!!

P.S. not looking for any fishing secrets just looking for info if the trails are cart friendly thanks!


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