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[QUOTE=Justin;230202]Quick question...
Can a lone coyote howl similar in sound to a wolf howl?
I only ask because my father & I were camped in the West Canada Lakes Wilderness a few years ago when we both heard a wolf-like howl not too far from where we were camped, at right around dusk.
We both have heard coyotes many times before, and we both agreed that it didn't sound like a coyote. Whatever it was howled for several seconds, maybe close to a minute in length, and then we never heard anything further.
True story.[/QUOTE)

It could have been something more than just a coyote. I have seen dozens maybe hundreds of killed coyotes and coywolves. I have seen quite a few hides classified as wolf by the North Bay exchange. I know what a wolf or animal with a lot of wolf DNA looks like. On a summer morning just before Big Moose a dirty white animal crossed the road in front of us. It was a young animal and by the way that it moved (it jumped a fence), it's demeanour and body size and composition it had a lot of wolf in it. It was a male and had a lanky all leg awkward gait of a young animal. A typical big eastern coyote is maybe 24" at the shoulder. This thing I pegged at @ 28" or better. But I doubt it weighed more than 60 lbs.. Given a year or so it might hit 70 or 80 lbs.. Typical Eastern Wolf male. They are there.
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