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This again! Must have been no wildlife there 500 years ago when most of it was pristine and old growth.
Originally Posted by forest dweller View Post
Sorry, I don't buy the more logging the better theory with regards to wildlife - it implies that wildlife need humans to impact the environment (negatively) for them to thrive. If that is the case how did wildlife do perfectly fine back when humans, native Americans in particular, left the forests pretty much alone?
It was common practice for the Native Americans in some areas, including those who hunted in the ADK's, to artificially clear out the land and promote wildlife #'s by doing forest burns. The Moose River Plains WF was one of those areas, hence why the treeless area near Moose River was historically referred to as the "Indian Plains."

Over the long term, yes, there are control mechanisms that nature had in place to manage the populations of resident animals. Over the short-term, hunters, whether from indigenous tribes or European settlers, used forestry techniques to sustain animal #'s.

The reason for the relatively low density of animals in the ADK's versus other parts of NY and other states has much to do with food supply. Untouched or old growth forests will generally have less in the way of food for something like deer or moose versus agricultural areas and logged land...that's been pretty well established by the DEC and other wildlife experts at this point.

Now whether or not you agree with that type of hands-off technique to wildlife management is another matter entirely.
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