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Not much to post also bout catching trout … but, thought I`just check in , hope thats ok with you guys.
… First off
, had a wedding in Tampa/St. Petersburgh last week (no time to fish there at all)but ,beached a lot and imbibed a bunch haha! ..then flew to Jamaica with my wife, daughter and son in law to stay for 5 daysin the Hilton Rose Hall . I Booked a charter to fish Montego Bay back in June for a Marlin or whatever. The guide had boated many in the past few days before our arrival(sounds like ,yup, should've been here yesterday stuff) and pretty regularly/Trolling.So, he felt confident.. Had 6 lines out for 5 hours , SKUNKED ! .. The captain and his son(great ,hard working kid) all tried there butts off, even fished over an extra hour. Nothing. He talked to his other fishing charter buds and they were skunked as well. But, we had a blast talking to these great people,laughs and stories back and forth and had a bunch of Red Stripes in the oppressive heat out there. If you want to give it a try. These dudes are the best in that area. Their name is Reel Magic Charter Guide fishing….the captain and his son felt terrible and will give me a big discount next time. But, I`m ready to fly fish some flats next. Does anybody have any experience in Flyfishing flats for Permit, Bonefish or Tarpon ? And where that would make my wife happy so she could go shopping and feel confident being alone while I fish.. oh, btw, hows the fishing been in the adks, while I ve been gone the temps have dropped a ton , and maybe the rivers have too. So, lets wake up. Fall is here!

"Get your mind off trout,if you can.I know they`ve got you.I can see it. Every fraternity of sufferers knows its brothers.Trout hook men;men don`t hook trout.Better try and throw the hook while you can.By the time you`re a grown man there probably won`t be a pure trout healthy enough to fiddle with"... Quote from Emerson in the book "The Earth Is Enough"by Harry Middleton

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