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It's a common misconception among new hikers that the backcountry, unlike the city, has few if any regulations let alone standards of behavior. The NJ/yoga aspect isn't germane; ignorance about backcountry rules and ethics is widespread.

The key is education and to engage people in a conversation. I've found most people are simply unaware of the rules yet are open to learning. For the few who aren't receptive, or know the rules but choose to ignore them, I typically just remind them of the amount of the fines involved (and move on).

So how was the eclipse? Did you have glasses to view it? I just stood outside my home with a pinhole camera to observe the l'il bite taken out of the sun. 60% coverage wasn't enough to make much of a difference in the ambient lighting but it was fun to "be" in the moment. 2024's solar eclipse will offer much better viewing for the Northeast; smack dab in the path of totality.,7
Looking for views!
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