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A bit off topic but relevant.

I drove a CNG car multiple times for work this spring and was really impressed. It got the equivalent of 45 miles to the gallon on average, and an equivalent gallon of gas (in CNG) cost about $2.45. So 100 miles on the CNG car would cost about five bucks and change.

Problem is, of course, finding places to fill up. I know that the public can get fuel cards to purchase gas at some of the state pumps (like the one in the McCarty Ave park and ride lot in Albany). I believe you can also get vehicles that can transition back and forth from regular gas to CNG.

Of course, CNG vehicles raise a whole other issue with regards to the ethics of fracking, but that's a discussion for a different thread, I think.

Also, the acceleration was horrendous. Even if you don't believe the lord almighty, trying to merge onto an expressway in Long Island during rush hour in a CNG vehicle will have you praying to the heavens above for sure.
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