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There are at least a couple of cases within the past 2 years (3 or 4 that I know of) where missing subjects in NY State have been located as much as 7 days after going missing, still alive. Not in the best of shape, but survivors nonetheless.

DEC Rangers in the Adirondacks have an excellent record in these days of cell phone pings and GPS of finding subjects within 24 hours of being called. Much longer than that and (depending many circumstance factors and situation criticality) they consider activating NYSFEDSAR volunteer search teams, closest to scene or specialized teams first, then perhaps a more general statewide team callout. Certified trained dogs are often in the mix, including air scent, ground scent and cadaver scent dogs), either state law enforcement or private (SAR team) owned. In combination, the majority of missing person cases are solved, most (unfortunately not all) with good news.

There is a large study and statistical body of knowledge in Lost Person Behavior by Robert Koester, the "Bible" of when and where to search, based on category of subject type and Last Known Place (LKP), time, and area specifics

In the case of Mr. Stevens, due to remoteness and difficulty of terrain, Rangers have not activated the NYSFEDSAR volunteers in general. So far, only trained high angle climbing specialist SAR individuals have been allowed to participate on scene. Access to the site from the Incident Command Center in Newcomb has been via helicopter, with many days limited to between noon and 1700 due to early fog.
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