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lets try this again

I posted this on the VFTT site:

The historic aspect is probably going to be the best way to preserve the dam. The current dam, as I understand, was built by the CCC in the 1930’s. I’m not sure how well this will fly but maybe there could be a push to try and get the dam on the historic register. If successful, this could add protection to the dam legally as well as help in getting grant money to restore the structure.

Form a friends group, similar to many of the fire towers and other historic sites within the Adirondack Park. Show the DEC, that there is a group of people willing to fund restoration work to the dam as well as provide volunteers. If the DEC sees that there is interest in saving the dam and they don’t have to fully fund and provide all of the staff to save it, it is more likely that there position will change.
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