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Originally Posted by Pauly D. View Post
Justin I have a Hero 3+ that I use to document my fishing trips. The thing works great. I use Apple iMovie to edit the clips and patch them together. Never had a problem.

My only complaint is that when you push the record button on the housing it sounds really loud on the audio so I got a remote control to get around that. The batteries also don't last that long when it's really cold so make sure you have spares. My benchmark is steelhead fishing in Buffalo during the middle of winter with the wind howling off Lake Ontario so this might be a bit extreme.
Thanks, Pauly.
Yeah battery life seems to be an issue in the cold. I've found that keeping the camera in a small pouch (within easy reach), and keepng a hand/toe warmer packed inside the pouch has helped prolong battery life in cold temps.
I will look more into iMovie, which my buddy Rob has also suggested.
Thanks again.
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