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Originally Posted by RichieC View Post
I noticed a link somewhere... for time lapse. Thing is, even at 20 seconds, watching back at 24 frames a second, the video becomes almost unwatchable with a moving subject.
My intent is not to make a "movie" out of long interval time lapse photos, but rather to capture representative sample images while paddling that will go into an edited slide show. My team and I have each taken many individual shots on four previous Yukon trips, and I have edited and put them together resulting in a pretty good slide show with narration and music that we have shown to paddling groups here and there.

But... since we are racing everyone feels guilty to stop paddling, even for a few strokes, to get their camera out, except for a few certain significant landscape features. Early in the race when competition is nearby and we are jockeying for physical and psychological position, there is no chance anyone is going to stop paddling for even single stroke, so I have no photos of that first full day portion of the race with other boats close to us, all paddling for all we are worth.

I just want to let the camera run in a relatively long interval to get several hundred random location shots that I can choose from during major portions of the 1000 mile race. I'll have a separate camera to infrequently manually use for those extra special location shots when I can afford to stop paddling for a brief time. But since the GoPro drains battery in interval mode as if it is always "on", it is not practical to carry enough batteries to last the majority of the 6 days.
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