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Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
FWIW, is a mainstay with Redditors.
I'm a big fan of Imgur. I think it's easy to use and simplistic enough while still looking nice. I have most of my hiking photos uploaded up there into separate albums. I keep most albums "hidden" meaning other people can only view them if you have the link. But you can make albums public and then share the list of all your albums. Here's my list of albums shared to the public (don't mind the randomness of them)

And here's a list of the some of my "hidden" albums that I link to from my blog

Another cool feature on Imgur is that it will give you different links for different sizes of your original photo. It's all from the same photo you uploaded, just picked a different size for the link. For example

Original size

Big square

Large thumbnail

Huge thumbnail (a great size for posting pics on this forum)
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