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I used to do all my mountain biking as combined road rides. I'd ride from home to the trail, no car. I didn't have one.

I did this in the Adirondacks and other parts of New York. I never once feared for my life riding on the roads.

A few times I have feared for my life riding on city streets.

This is purely anecdotal, as is most information on the internet, but I always felt very safe riding in the Adirondacks, even on the narrower backroads that had no shoulder at all. I'm not a timid rider either. If the road is narrow, I take the space I need and expect cars to go around me. So far they have. I obey the rules of the road and ride with traffic. I see a lot of cyclists (especially in suburbia or the city) that don't do this. I kind of think those are the people that get into the majority of the accidents, and those people give motorists the idea that they don't belong on the road.
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