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I second King Philips spring, and will be heading there in a few weeks to warm up my climbing legs/arms/courage. There's a HUGE 5.4 wall there with good trees for top rope anchoring. Unfortunately a lot of the local guides use it for newbies, so you have to get there early. The Beer walls are almost always busy, but there's also the creature walls across the street and down the road a bit. Lots of climbing near Chapel Pond, and some top roping. It's just WHEN you're going - it's going to be very crowded just about anywhere you decide, with maybe the exception of fvrwld and C4C's suggestion. The Southern and Central ADKs are less crowded in general, and that included rock climbing routes. Also look at maybe doing Shanty Cliffs, one of my personal favorites which has plenty of top roping and you won't be in the way of the lead climbers that go because they're usually tackling stuff you can't top rope or doing sport routes.
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