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Originally Posted by welle View Post
Thanks, J
I wanted an established campground in case our group runs over 10 people - anyone knows a legally permitted group size to backcountry camp?
Depends where specifically you end up and how you're camped, each area within a region is managed differently due to impact being greater in some spots than others. Generally 15 is the limit, but it's less in the Eastern High Peaks (Marcy Dam area falls into that, but Chapel Pond does not since it's in a different wilderness (Dix)). You may want to look up Region 5 (I think) on the DEC website and call them once you've determined your itinerary. It would be best to get a free permit and go through the proper channels. they could also answer those questions better than anyone. There's also an email link on the DEC website which people have been getting good information from as well.
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