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Despite being nervous the whole time about having to navigate through extensive blowdowns they never materialized on this trip. There were plenty of pockets of blow down and they were annoying to get through but nothing requiring a Herculean effort. Maybe I was just lucky.

I can easily imagine the view from Summit Mountain as I was on top of the esker between Little Shallow and Washbowl the day after the 1995 blowdown. As I recall there was not many standing trees to be seen (although I was probably still in shock and there were probably more than I realized).

Oven Lake and all the water bodies in that area fascinate me too. I definitely want to try and get in there somehow but I have heard that the area north and east of Toad Pond were heavily hit by the blowdown. But at least I know of a way into Toad Pond that isn't impossible. Also, I'd love to visit West, Gal and Cracker Ponds to the northeast.
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