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I would completely agree with the statements made by visitors, as I hear them all the time. Further more I agree that ecologically the park has suffered from a host of reasons which cause a decline. (All or most species are here, but lacking per mile etc) In fact we have had several long discussions on this very forum about the same subject with lots of very spirited opinions but truth be told peoples perception, and actual species numbers both agree we do in fact have a problem. Any trip to the surrounding states and its clear that the overall abundance of wildlife is greater elsewhere. I often hear opinions /theories but I dont agree with most. Algonquin Park in Ontario, Baxter Park in Maine and surrounding areas, PA, white Mountains and so on all have something in common which is that while camping, driving , hiking etc you'll see orders of magnitude more overall wildlife including and in fact "especially" in the backcountry. In the adirondacks I have had trail cams for years in several locations (I dont hunt rather I simply appreciate studying local biodiversity) and sooner or later I see most species in front of the cameras or while hiking,paddling and such. But in a checkerboard park, surrounding like an island by to cities, highways etc and huge sport hunting and logging have taken their toll. For whatever reason people often argue that however its insanity to think we dont have a measurable impact. I know for example those working for the logging industry will soon turn this statement into a long winded bla bla post but what I would truly love to see happen, is a solid study comparing the species per mile to other parks and I suspect you would see that we take too much offer too little and change too late. On the lighter side there are some great folks working to help change that. I just wish there were more of those types making decisions to stop construction in the park.
I have to agree with this. I suggested something along these lines a few years ago in a similar discussion and many people basically told me I was crazy - even some of the mods...

The Adirondacks to me, sadly, seem like wilderness void of wildlife.

I've been in VERY remote areas, I have been VERY quiet, I have been in areas in which I could see for a mile all around - if I scared something you would think I would see it running off in the distance at least.

I don't want to start an argument here but I think we have to start thinking about MANY things in COMPLETELY different ways. Things that people find acceptable need to be REJECTED.

When I open a trapping magazine and some guy from the Adirondacks has 40 red fox pelts hanging and drying or whatever...

I've seen ONE red fox in the Adirondacks in my 25 years of going there.

Why is trapping permitted?

Why is hunting of animals that you cannot eat permitted?
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