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Logging is not the only way to produce the types of environments that animals thrive in. It is understandable that we think that, however, especially when 'old timers' are the extent of our historical reference.

Fact is, what we witness with logging in regards to wildlife is simply an artificial recreation of the habitat that a natural forest would (and does) produce on its own.

DSethar alludes to this when he mentioned the blow down in the microburst, and Forest Dweller who points out that wildlife was abundant before logging.

Here is one of my favorite quotes on this topic from a DEC biologist and Regional Wildlife Manager:

The Forest Preserve is better habitat for deer than once thought. The reason, he says, is that the woods in the Preserve are maturing, and in mature woods, openings often appear as a result of “forest decadence.”

“The pre-colonial forest was not an unbroken stand of huge trees. It was a very diverse mixture of young and old trees, with openings created by fire, wind, and dying old trees.”

The deer population will continue to grow as the Forest Preserve ages.
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