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Great pics is right! Looks like someone set fire to North River! Also looks like you had a dry day - no haze. I have a shot of Boreas Ponds from NR that looks just like yours! I did CC 4 years ago as part of a traverse from Skylight Brook to Rist South (2 nights out) and indeed our progress was slowed from CC to the CC-NR col. However, the end-run Trail Boss and I tried around the cliffs turned out to be a bit of a lemon. I was scouting for a winter route up CC and temporarily destroyed TB's soul in the process. We came back to the col directly and I think it's a better non-winter route in spite of the cliffs. I can't believe you went straight up to the col between CC and it's sub-summit.

Pretty sure now it was you we tracked up NR. Cool!
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