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Hi all

I'm Jason, 34 - I'm a geologist origionally from Rochester/Syracuse area, but went to college in Pennsylvania and have stayed down here since. Did my tour in Philly for a couple of years and have lived about an hour north of Pittsburgh for the last 10 years. Have a hunting camp in the northern part of adirondacks which I try to get to a few times a year, and used to do a bit of snowmobiling in the Speculator region years ago.

Obviously love the outdoors, primarily hunting a fishing (chasing trout is borderline obsession - although hunting is more of a walk in the woods) and pretty much lurk on here looking for news and checking out fishing reports from up north.

Many things I miss about NY, with being so close to the Lake Ontario and Finger Lakes, and the adirondacks a short drive away, but jobs and money have me down here (and PA is a pretty decent outdoors state in its own right).
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