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Not as difficult as Spier falls.

There are some sections that are on par with Daniels difficulty (I'm not referring to Sybil)

I would say it's a mix of Daniels and Gurney because there are some extremely fun & fast machine built trails in Wilmington/Lake Placid.

Overall not as technical as the stuff down here in the Saratoga area in terms of the amount of rocks/roots. They do have more elevation to play with so the climbs are well worth the rewards. I would say it would be considered Intermediate riding with options of advanced and of course options for beginner.

I ride 3-4 times per week at either Daniels, Gurney, and other off map trails in our area. Also frequent Pine Hill Park, Green Mtn Trails, have ridden at Kingdom a number of times.

My opinion is that Wilmington/Lake Placid/Saranac has the best riding in NYS.

You should definitely check it out
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