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Nine Corner Lake, FLWF, 21 Dec, 2017

I had an awesome opportunity today to take my oldest daughter on a short snowshoe hike. After pondering our dilemma for some time, we decided on Nine Corner Lake in the Ferris Lake Wild Forest. We choose this destination not only because it's a fairly easy walk, but the beauty of the lake (once you get away from the outlet) is fantastic. However, the real reason was to show my daughter the boulder field uphill from the lake. As a Geology major, she was very eager to check this out.

We arrived at the trailhead a little later than I normally do, but that was OK.

It really wasn't a problem as we were the only car in the parking lot and we weren't in a hurry. Fortunately, the woods were still in great shape.

The trail stair-steps up about 300 feet to the lakeshore and it was void of any snowmobile tracks. Many people had bare-booted, causing a rough and uneven track in spots. We stopped at the small waterfall for a short break.

The rest of the way to the lake went by quickly and soon we were at the long narrow outlet bay. We noticed the time, 11:28. Winter Solstice! We raised our water bottles in salute to the days finally getting longer (OK, that doesn't happen until early January, but let's not kill the moment ).

While the outlet bay is nice, I wanted to have lunch at one of the distant "corners". We struck out for one of the designated campsites on the east shore and enjoyed our hot soup in peaceful solitude. My daughter commented that she hadn't heard "quiet" in so long.

After letting our clam chowdah settle for a few minutes, we headed off to my daughter's new favorite spot; the boulder fields. Just north of the outlet bay, is a collection of huge glacial erratic boulders.

I know this is a very popular destination for the bouldering crowd and now, I can see why. These things were massive!

My budding geologist was in hog heaven as she weaved in and around these gifts from the glacier.

After we scratched or collective itch for exploring, it was a short walk down the hill to sign out of the woods.

We actually spent about three hours snowshoeing, snacking and poking around this really neat spot. It was an added bonus to be there with my oldest daughter, whose priorities and mine don't always mesh. Now, if only I could find some Adirondack destinations with cool geology, I'd have it made. Now where would I find a place like that?
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