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The campsites directly opposite the boat launch are fairly open. There are campsites in the woods however within a few hundred feet but I don't know the site numbers. We used Golden Beach as a parking area when we paddled over to camp at Tioga Point. If you are looking for something with a little less civilization consider the Tioga Point campsites. Tioga Point has no water and its out houses instead of bathrooms. There are a number of spots at Tioga Point where you can beach your boat within feet of your campsite. Tioga Point is a boat access only campground with lean-tos. Golden Beach has bathrooms, warm showers and even an ice cream trunk that does rounds of the campsites. When we used the Golden Beach boat launch / picnic area to put in there were a number of power boats tied up to the shore near the boat ramp, but we noted they were bouncing pretty heavy from boat wakes so I'm not sure you'd want to leave you boat there for a long time. People seemed to be leaving their boats on trailers near the boat ramp rather then taking them back to their sites. My personal choice would be to camp at Tioga Point and with an 18 ft Ranger run over to Golden Beach campground when I desired civilization or a shower, in your boat the ride would be 10-15 minutes. If you decide to go to Tioga Point you could put-in at Golden Beach and leave you car/trailer in the lot near the boat ramp.
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