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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Just to clarify...
Yes, the old campsite remains are indeed too close to the water edge to be a legal campsite. Very thick in there too. Perhaps many years ago it was a differnet story.
We were pretty happy & comfortable with what we found & decided as the next best option.
I'm fairly confident that this old trail & campsite area will eventually be officially recognized & marked once the classification & UMP are finalized.
After all, I do remember reading about a proposal to build a lean-to near this old camp site area, however, that I do not support.
Sorry, I didn't mean to cause a stir - I was just joking around. Justin, it was an off the cuff comment - I was trying to be amusing and failed. In retrospect, I shouldn't have made it. I apologize. You are one of the most conscientious campers on here, and I didn't mean to make it sound like you were breaking rules or anything.

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