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Originally Posted by Creekwader View Post
So what did you learn from this trip?
I've been trying to figure that out since Saturday evening....... I've had a very difficult time with lake Brookies, but, the idea is to make some progress.

I understand what you're trying to do with the streamers and the droppers but that tactic is better suited for ponds with smelt and its also best in the early spring.
In essence, the idea was to duplicate - with fly fishing tackle - the Wabbler rig, ie. a streamer as the first fly and either a micro leech or San Juan Worm on the point. I keep thinking, "if they can be caught with a Wabbler, they can be caught on fly tackle:.
-You spoke with several people who have years of experience on those ponds, they may have been BSing you but more likely they are right about the difficulty of flyfishing there. Some ponds are difficult to flyfish.
So, both of these ponds are well known. (On the lower one, I saw no Brown Trout in the departing fisherman's bag.)
The older guy I met on the upper pond indicated, despite the abundance of fish, that "it's fickle".
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