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I own three mapping handheld garmin gps units. I like all three. One of the things you have to consider is the maps and mapping software. There is also a solid argument for using a cell phone in airplane mode with some of the offline maps.

Garmin Etrex VISTA HCX- amazing accurate. Small screen. Older unit with limited storage.

Garmin Etrex 30-Good unit which works well. Bigger screen but only uses the US GPS not Russian. Great battery life.

Garmin 62st-Has both US and Russian gps sats. Great screen with easy use with mittens on. Great battery life.

On cell phones I have been playing with Gaia, Backcountry Navigator, and US Topo. In airplane mode my cell phones go for 4-5 days and are easily recharged using a usb pack.

I may invest more time on the cell phone in the next year or two but I have likely bought my last hiking gps.
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