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2. Downloading online maps
This is the fastest and most efficient method to ensure you have a local copy of a desired map area with full coverage. You draw a rectangle around the area of the map you want, indicate how many zoom levels you need, and the app will retrieve it from the map server and store it on the phone. Done and done!

I've installed Locus Map Free and I'm trying to figure out which OSM Map to download:
  • Outdoors is not downloadable
  • Hike & Bike is free but seems to be a static version generated from an older version of OSM (for example it's missing the trail before the gatehouse from Lake road to the West River Trail)
  • OpenCycleMap is a paid download and while better than Hike & Bike it is still outdated
What source do you use to download up to date OSM maps?

BTW, Cathedral Rocks and Bear Run are now in OSM (but not on any of the maps I checked via Locus). I don't see it in your change set on adkhighpeaks so I guess someone else added it.

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