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Originally Posted by Stillhunter View Post
Congratulations on a great series of weekends! Great pictures and beautiful trout. Beaver tail frozen is amazing!
Interesting use of plastics.
The plastics actually surprised the heck out of me. I'm constantly trying new things in an effort to see what else works and if there's anything else that works as good as live worms but without the high gut hook rate. Being a mostly catch and release fisherman live worms are something I'm trying to phase out of my bait arsenal. Crimping/filing the barbs on the hooks and using octopus hooks has really helped in hook removal and survival rate.

These plastics for those two weekends fit the bill. 95% of the fish caught with the plastics were mouth hooked. Only one fish gut hooked and one gill hooked out of some 30 fish, give or take. Will be continuing to try out these plastics in the future as I've only used them on two trips so its hard to say how well they will work on other ADK ponds and lakes and also at different times of the year.

Also the beaver picture is by far one of my favorites. The mirror image and water burst are just so cool.
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